Our Friends

Tom Gavin (singer, songwriter,multi-instrumentalist-in-denial, HB7 guitarist)

Chris Moore (singer, songwriter, leader of The Sons)

Creek Creative (long island city's monthly night of music fun)

Aaron Huey (fearless photographer, intrepid traveler)

John Ellis (saxophone player, composer, nanny goat)

The Barnstormers (barn painters for hire, in motion)

Maya Hayuk (inky, chemical, oil-based artist in residence)

Cannonball Press ("hear that sound? it's called spooning and it's fun.")

Gutbucket (dry humping the american dream.)

Paul Gold (mastering for vinyl and cd by the master. period.)

Brooklyn Phono (these guys press records and also own a hovercraft.)

Tape OP (the creative music recording magazine. it's free.)

Dirty on Purpose (sleep late for a better tomorrow.)

Hula (hula recently played, hula is playing soon.)

hotbird 7 satelite